India as a destination offers a very unique and diverse cultural delight to any traveler. Indian culture is an amalgamation of customs, traditions, languages, values, beliefs and lifestyle which is thousands of years old. Though with passage of time a part of Indian Culture has seen drastic changes to keep up with the changing times but astonishingly, have still managed to retain its old values and traditions even in the such fast changing world. Several elements of ancient Indian culture like Ayurveda, Yoga, Relgion, Spirituality, Indian Spices and Cuisine has a deep impact all over the world.

India is home to various religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism and most of these have crossed all national barriers and being followed in many other countries as well. Religion in India is the axis of Indian culture and life of a majority of Indian people. Apart from these religions, Christianity and Muslim religions are also widely followed in India. This shows the secular nature of Indian system where in all the religions and their followers exist together in complete harmony. Each individual has the right to follow the religion of is choice and his own way.

Family systems and numerous colourful festivals add spice to the culture of India. For generations and generations the joint family system has been the backbone of family system which is fading from metro cities but still holding its ground in smaller cities and villages. Indians enjoy a lot of festivals around the year due to its multi cultural and multi religion society where everybody enjoys all the festival be it national or regional. For all these reasons India is called a country with unity in diversity.